When friends are over at your home, what is one of the first areas they notice?  

You got it, the kitchen.

It is one of the most important rooms of your house and should be a warm inviting gathering spot. The most eye catching part of your kitchen is the cabinets as they bring all the other elements of kitchen together

Kitchen Design & Remodeling Services

Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc.’s team of designers will create a timeless vision to breathe new life into your current kitchen space and transform it into the kitchen of your dreams. Our passion is transforming a basic kitchen food prep area into a space that not only offers the latest metamorphosis in kitchen design, but a truly warm and inviting space for family and friends that gather there. No matter what style of kitchen you desire, we listen to you and help in creating a kitchen that will provide your family the comfort, style, functionally and value for the lifetime of your home.



  • Kitchen Islands
  • Coffee Stations
  • Radius Cabinets
  • Tiny House Cabinets

Decorative Options:

  • Wood Hoods
  • Decorative End Panels
  • Appliance Panels
  • Valances
  • Onlays
  • Furniture Legs
  • Furniture Feet
  • Corbels
  • Columns
  • Fluting
  • Molding
  • Wine Racks

Door Overlay:

  • Full
  • Standard
  • Inset
  • Beaded Inset

Door Styles:

  • Raised Panels
  • Flat Panels
  • Shaker Panels
  • Molding Inlays


  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Solid Surfaces
  • Laminate
  • Concrete   


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