How Moisture Effects Wood

Wood is a natural product processed from living trees. One of the natural properties of wood is its ability to absorb and release moisture through the conditions of its exposed environment. It will constantly expand and contract. This natural characteristic of wood is known as hygroscopic. Knowing this fact is to realize that wood will achieve a moisture content equal in parts between its current moisture level and the moisture level of the changing environment. Wood is a very unstable material in uncontrolled environments.

Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. selects its raw materials from reputable distribution sources that feature ultra-high quality American made wood products. All material is inspected before manufacturing our cabinets so that the moisture content falls between a narrow range of 6.0% and no greater than 8% total.

All of our finishes are impervious and only act as a barrier to slow down the release and absorption of moisture. Once installed, wood products can show some evidence of moisture effects. Some cabinets can show no signs of wood movement while cabinets installed around sinks, windows and HVAC ducts can be affected. Humid conditions, waterfront locations and non-air-conditioned homes may create fluctuations in moisture levels. Heating a home in the dry, cold months of winter may reduce the wood cabinet’s moisture content.

Submitted by: Jimmy Koontz,  Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc.