Introducing Our New Prime Semi-Custom Cabinets

 Introducing Our New Prime Semi-Custom Cabinets 

Not satisfied to rest on our laurels and responding to the need in the marketplace for a higher quality semi-custom line of cabinetry, Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. proudly introduces Prime Semi-Custom Cabinetry.

These cabinets are the sensible choice that delivers value and quality. Available in three affordable packages that combine just the right amount of finishes, door and drawer styles. We are committed to provide truly well-built and finished semi-custom cabinetry to our customers.

Prime Semi-Custom Cabinetry allows you to maintain your budget without sacrificing design and quality. Prime Cabinets are completely built from the ground up in our own manufacturing facility using high quality materials, allowing you to create beautiful kitchens and bathrooms at an exceptional price.

Just a sampling of the many features our Prime Semi-Custom Cabinets include are, solid wood cabinet face frames, drawers that are solid maple with dovetail construction, doors and drawer fronts are solid maple and both include the latest heavy duty soft close hardware, solid wood construction thru out the cabinet, no particle board is used in the back, sides or bottom.

Please refer to our Prime Semi-Custom Construction specifications page for full details on our cabinets and the door and drawer packages available.

Submitted by: Joe Cangelosi / Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc.

Kitchen Island Butcher Block Prep Cart

Kitchen Island Butcher Block Prep Cart

Designed with the household cook in mind, the Blue Mountain Woodworking Kitchen Island Butcher Block Prep Cart offers classic style and functionality. The sturdy work surface features a genuine made in America food safe butcher block top and generous storage space. The cart has a wide top drawer with soft close hardware and easy access open shelf storage on the bottom.

It stands on thick maple legs and is equipped with four commercial grade locking casters, making for easy mobility around the kitchen and dining areas. The high grade commercial locking casters lock the butcher block island cart firmly in place.

The all natural butcher block top is made for cutting and most scratches can be removed with high grit sandpaper. New studies have found that wood is actually safer for food preparation than glass or plastic cutting boards. Bacteria such as salmonella disappear quickly on wood, but tend to thrive and live on plastic. Please note that you should always clean your butcher block top with a mild detergent soapy water mixture and take care to remove any food particles, and then dry the top immediately.

The kitchen island butcher block prep cart comes fully assembled and is also available in an espres base with the natural maple butcher block top. Dimensions are: Top: 36” W x 25” D x 1 ½” T x 36” H.

Price: $499.95

Kitchen Island Workstation

Kitchen Island Workstation

Perfectly suited for today’s lifestyles, this hand crafted artisan mobile kitchen island workstation blends attractive design with modern functionality. It features a natural maple top and all solid maple construction in a fashion forward espresso lacquer and light hand rubbed oil finish on the top. Equipped with four casters, this makes it extremely easy to move around to other spaces in your home for entertaining over any flooring surface. These high grade commercial locking casters lock the workstation island firmly in place.

Spacious and versatile, when you need to enjoy a meal the workstation island provides flexible seating for two people with ample leg room for comfort. The opposite side of the unit features two fifteen inch deep shelves for a variety of storage options.

Do your children need a place to get homework assignments done, do you need a place to set your laptop up for work and web surfing or just added counter space for food preparation and serving? The Blue Mountain Woodworking Kitchen Island Workstation is a multitasking wonder.

The kitchen island workstation comes fully assembled and is also available in a classic white base with the natural maple top. Dimensions are: Top: 48” W x 30” D x ¾” T x 35 ½” H.

Price: $599.95

*Please note. The chairs pictured with the Kitchen Island Workstation Cart are not included with the unit they are for display purposes only.

Cutting Board Introduction

Cutting Board Introduction

Every Kitchen needs a great cutting board or two. Our Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. hand-made cutting board adds a unique touch to any kitchen and also handles duty as a small serving tray.

This quality cutting board is made from select grade Maple, Cherry and Walnut hardwoods. The patterns and grain lines within each cutting board are both beautiful and unique. The finish is food grade wood oil and bees wax mixture that gives the board a beautiful natural appearance.

Just minimal maintenance is required for our cutting boards. Hand wash the cutting board with warm soapy water, rinse and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do not place in a dishwasher or let stand in water for a long period of time.

The Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. cutting board is available in both walnut/maple and cherry/maple combinations. Dimensions are: 12” L x 8” W x ¾” D.


Price $39.99

Composting Basics

 Composting Basics

Did you know that organic materials that break down in landfills produce methane gas? Methane gas is more than 100 times more harmful than good old carbon dioxide. The average American household discards over 25% of their food leftovers and spoilage as garbage. Making an effort to compost these leftovers would decrease landfill levels and help reduce greenhouse gases. Plus the benefit of composting is that it is great for all types of gardens and you get to help out our planet at the same time.

How Moisture Effects Wood

Wood is a natural product processed from living trees. One of the natural properties of wood is its ability to absorb and release moisture through the conditions of its exposed environment. It will constantly expand and contract. This natural characteristic of wood is known as hygroscopic. Knowing this fact is to realize that wood will achieve a moisture content equal in parts between its current moisture level and the moisture level of the changing environment. Wood is a very unstable material in uncontrolled environments.

Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. selects its raw materials from reputable distribution sources that feature ultra-high quality American made wood products. All material is inspected before manufacturing our cabinets so that the moisture content falls between a narrow range of 6.0% and no greater than 8% total.

All of our finishes are impervious and only act as a barrier to slow down the release and absorption of moisture. Once installed, wood products can show some evidence of moisture effects. Some cabinets can show no signs of wood movement while cabinets installed around sinks, windows and HVAC ducts can be affected. Humid conditions, waterfront locations and non-air-conditioned homes may create fluctuations in moisture levels. Heating a home in the dry, cold months of winter may reduce the wood cabinet’s moisture content.

Submitted by: Jimmy Koontz,  Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. 

Care & Maintenance of Your Solid Surface Countertop

Care & Maintenance of Your Solid Surface Countertop

Your new natural granite or marble countertop absolutely shines in your kitchen. It adds style and elegance to your decor, and its durability makes natural stone one of the most practical types of countertop materials. But caring for your new countertop doesn’t end with installation. Depending on the type of natural stone countertop you’ve had installed, there are ways to care for it so it lasts for many years to come.

Granite and marble, though they are both natural stones that require maintenance, need to be cared for a little bit differently.


Cabinet Care & Maintenance

Cabinet Care & Maintenance

Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. is proud to make our custom cabinetry for you. The finishes on our cabinets have exceptional durability and longevity as long as they are well maintained. Wood cabinets and products and their finishes are only as good as the care given and proper care will extend the beauty and life of our cabinets. Only minor attention is required to give our cabinets the attention they deserve. Please use this guide as a template for normal care and maintenance of our stained and painted finishes.



Granite is a strikingly beautiful natural stone that is available in a wide selection of colors. It is extremely durable and is not easily chipped or damaged by heat. Granite adds tremendous overall value your home, is easy to maintain and like all natural stone has a very distinctive and ultra-high quality look.


A very popular choice known for its beautiful veining and many color variations that add to its aesthetic appeal. Marble is available in a wide selection of colors, is easy to maintain and clean. It is an affordable way to add to the overall value to your home.


Soapstone is an affordable all natural material. It is a very durable surface that is unaffected by acids and is stain and heat resistant. No special cleaners are required for maintenance. Soapstone is actually the most heat resistant of all the surfaces listed here.


Quartz (Cambria®, Zodiac®, and Silestone®) is a beautiful surface that performs very well in a wide range of applications. It is scratch, heat, stain, mold and mildew resistant. The surface is easily maintained and is available in a wide range of colors. While the look of the surface is random, it still has an overall consistency throughout.


Corian® surfaces come in more than one hundred colors and patterns and can be custom cut and installed for limitless design possibilities. The surface is extremely durable and very easy to maintain.


Concrete surfaces with a few precautions can be one of the most durable countertop materials. Concrete itself is not guaranteed stain, heat or scratch resistant, it must be sealed. The good news is there are varieties of new high tech sealers on the market that accomplish this requirement. Cutting on concrete countertops will not hurt the concrete, but can damage the sealer leading to staining and water damage. It is available in a wide range of colors and designs.

Green Surfaces

Green surfaces have a tendency to perform like Quartz, but are made up of recycled materials. Usually consisting of glass, porcelain and stone scraps. Green Surfacing is very easy to maintain, has a consistent and edgier look to it, and is a great way to help protect the environment.

Wood Surfaces

Wood is an excellent choice for countertops because of its resistance to water, heat, stains and scratches. It is exceptionally sanitary and food safe, with inherent properties that prevent bacteria build up. Available in a vast array of colors, grains and finishes. Wood offers long lasting beauty and value, imparting timeless quality to your kitchen.


Laminate (Formica® and Wilsonart®) countertops are very budget friendly and a beautiful way to finish your new kitchen project. New designs and materials are available that actually mimic solid finishes in over 250 color and style options. Laminate countertops are durable, moisture and stain resistant. Clean up very easily with mild soap and water, but are less heat-resistant than solid materials.

Cultured Marble

Cultured Marble (Vanity Tops) have a non-porous, seamless surface that is bacteria, mold and stain resistant. This makes them a perfect complement to your bath and powder rooms designs. The surface should be cleaned with a quality nonabrasive household cleaner, avoid products containing bleach or ammonia.

Submitted by: Heather Knecht, Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. 

Popular Wood Types

Popular Wood Types

Our cabinet woods are chosen for the high character value of their grain and color. Hardwoods usually have a richer and finer textured grain than softwoods, but there are rich grains of all colors and patterns in both. Woods with very distinctive grain patterns are usually more valuable than woods with indistinct or subdued patterns. Every wood species has its own particular grain and color.