Cabinet Care & Maintenance

Blue Mountain Woodworking

Care and Maintenance

Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc. is proud to make our custom cabinetry for you. The finishes on our cabinets have exceptional durability and longevity as long as they are well maintained. Wood cabinets and products and their finishes are only as good as the care given and proper care will extend the beauty and life of our cabinets. Only minor attention is required to give our cabinets the attention they deserve. Please use this guide as a template for normal care and maintenance of our stained and painted finishes.

Basic Cleaning

Regular maintenance should consist of wiping your cabinets with a dampened, soft lint-free cloth and promptly wipe dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Use a fresh solution of mild soap and warm water to remove oil, grease or daily spills, then immediately wipe dry with a soft lint-free cloth. Avoid using harsh detergents that can damage the finish along with a dishcloth or sponge that may contain remnants of the harsh detergents. Please do not use ammonia-based cleaners, soaps with any type of dye, oil soaps, abrasive cleaners or self-polishing waxes that contain any traces of silicone. We strongly recommend the use of a high quality cleaner or polish, such as Guardsman® branded cleaners and polish and the traditional Butcher’s Wax application. Uses of revitalizing oils are not recommended.


Please do not allow water and cleaning solutions or countertop polishes containing silicone to dry on cabinet surfaces. It is very important to keep the cabinet surfaces dry. Use a blotting motion rather than a side to side or up and down motion to remove the spill with a soft lint-free cloth. Areas around sinks, dishwashers, ovens and cooktops are of special concern and should be checked frequently for spills.

Humidity, Dry Air, Moisture and Heat

When humidity rises about a certain level it causes real wood products to expand. Dry air has the opposite effect. This movement of expansion and contraction of the wood is normal with wood cabinetry and is not a defect.

Please do not place coffee makers, tea makers, rice cookers, etc. where the escaping steam will directly come in contact with cabinet surfaces. Do not drape wet or damp towels over cabinet doors or drawers. Dry off the damp areas as soon as possible. Heat producing appliances should be positioned to make sure the heat is directed away from the cabinet surfaces.


Leaving cleaning solutions, water and moisture on the cabinet surfaces for an extended period of time will harm the finish and will not be covered under our lifetime limited warranty.

Submitted by: Deb Knecht, Blue Mountain Woodworking, Inc