The focal point of any kitchen and bathroom are the cabinets. The cabinets represent the design personality of the owners and should be made to last the duration of the home ownership.

Custom cabinets and vanities provide unlimited options for designing your space

Purchasing cabinets from a big box or kitchen super store may be perceived as being convenient, but they will never be a better value than custom made cabinets designed exclusively for your space. Put together the many advantages of custom cabinets and you will come to appreciate why homeowners who design with them enjoy their purchase every day.


U.S.A. Made – Hand made by skilled cabinet makers who take great pride in their work. Not built on assembly lines, these cabinets use high quality materials from start to the finish. Some stock cabinet suppliers offer “premium” features on their cabinets, but you may very well end up with poorly constructed cabinets that will not last. Custom cabinets are made to endure the duration of home ownership. All of our custom handmade cabinets are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Let’s take a look at the differences between stock and custom cabinets building materials and features:

Custom Cabinets                                                                     Stock Standard Cabinets

Components:        Plywood                                                    Particle Board

Doors:                  Solid Wood, Kiln-Dried                          Imported, May Contain Moisture 

Joints:                   Dovetail, Dowel, Mortise-and-Tenon Nailed or Screwed, Dovetail

Corner Braces:     Wood Glue Blocks                                              Stapled Plastic Corners

Drawer Slides:     Hidden Under Mount, Blum                  Side Slide Brackets

Design Options:   Unlimited                                                 Limited, Extra Cost

Staining:                Hand Wiped                                           Sprayed

Made to Fit – Stock cabinets are designed for the most common cabinet sizes and shapes. If you have wall space left over, fillers will be required between the cabinets to fill out the wall. Fillers should only be used sparingly only when needed. Unconventional floor plan, unusual kitchen layout, and specific storage or countertop food preparation requirements? Custom cabinets can be made to any specification requirement and size you need in your design, taking advantage of nearly every inch of your kitchen or bathroom.

Personalized Selection Process – Custom cabinets provide personal selection of wood, finish, style and hardware. Custom cabinetry is made at time of order only, with hand selected woods and finished at the same time by skilled craftspeople. Stock cabinets are built on assembly lines in different batches and times often resulting in mis-matched finishes and fit.

Elements you Need – You do not have to settle for standard sizes and configurations. You can design your cabinets with the elements that work best for you. Short? Tall?  Average Height? You can design the cabinets to place your food preparation areas at the exact correct height for optimum working comfort. Different height requirements for household members? You can specify incorporating various cabinets’ heights in your design.

Green Sourcing – You have a broad source of wood for your kitchen and bathroom designs. You can choose from domestic and local hardwoods including bamboo that will lessen the impact on the environment. If you are concerned over the origin of the materials used in your cabinets, the benefits of custom cabinetry are immediately apparent.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design with Custom Cabinets

Please enlist the specialized talents of our experienced kitchen and bathroom design team. They will assist you in getting the maximum value from your custom cabinet purchase. They will guide you through the design process, plus keep key elements and options in focus with your best interests in mind. Your one of a kind dream kitchen or bathroom will surely increase the value of your home not only today but in the foreseeable future as well.

Take a few minutes to browse through our portfolio of beautiful custom cabinetry to find the right style and fit for your home.

Now we know you are thinking, can I afford custom hand made in the U.S.A. cabinetry. Please visit with us and our design team. We will show you how we can turn your dream project into reality with affordable custom cabinetry for about the same cost or even less then purchasing stock premium cabinets from the big box stores, the kitchen design centers and superstores.

Handling your dream kitchen or bathroom project yourself? Our professional team of cabinet installers will relieve you from that stress; watch your designs unfold right in-front of you.